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Best Plane Ride EVER!

I’m not going to lie, at first I was afraid of looking silly on the plane while using this, but it is SO comfortable and the first time I didn’t have pain in my neck on an 11 hour flight! I actually had an unexpected 8 hour car journey when I was on my vacation across Turkey and SO happy I remembered that I had this! I can actually use my blanket or sweatshirt to keep warm instead of awkwardly stuffing it behind my neck or into a corner/window of a plane or window. Thank you SO MUCH!!

"Zzzzzz" yup, that's my review. You will get some damn sleep!

I fly ALOT. I'm a travel writer, so you would think I would write some long, eloquent, wordy review that raves about how incredible this product is. I could, and I probably will soon. But really, all I need to write is one word to explain how much you will love The Original Dream Strap; Zzzzzz. Yup, that's my review. You will finally get some damn sleep on a plane, train, bus or automobile or on a camel; however you're traveling, you will never want to travel again without it.

Daydreamer Mask

Love this mask, the bamboo inside liner is a bonus for my sensitive skin. My boyfriend has asthma and says this daydreamer Mask is the easiest to breath in!
Awesome product!

This Dream Strap is as essential as my Passport!

I am a travel enthusiast … planes, trains, boats and road trips! One of the worst parts of travel for me is the discomfort of sitting because I have a very delicate neck / upper back. I was hesitant to use any sort of accessory because who wants to be ‘that person’ in public using a strange device?! But honestly, this is very discreet and comfortable accessory and takes up the same amount of space as a cell phone. Highly recommend if you want to feel comfortable especially during long haul trips!

Compact, Cute, and Can't wait to use use use...

Receiving my Dream Strap has brought me so much joy!

I am a total head-bobber... and also very mindful of how much stuff I carry along with me on my travels. This item is so adorably compact, silky soft, and super lightweight so I will be putting it into my carry-on backpack for ALL of my future adventures. And now that I have this, it reminds me how much I can not wait to plan many many more!!!!

Love it!

This is great to take with me while traveling!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a hard time sleeping on a plane. This is a gem!

Favorite mask !

I saw a friend of mine wearing this mask and had to get one for my myself !!! Its such a comfortable mask, and fits perfectly!

Finally the product I never knew I needed and now can't live without!

This is such a great product! I love how easy it is to use and how dark it is when over my eyes! I'm actually able to sleep and don't wake up with a terrible kink in my neck. I never travel with neck pillows because of their bulk and I don't like the blow-up ones. The Dream Strap packs so small and is a perfect solution for sleep on planes, trains, and automobiles :)


This is absolutely a travel game changer! Makes sleeping on long flights so much easier!!! So incredible!

Great products

Great service :)

Excellent masks

Soft. Comfortable. Good face coverage. Bought them several times. Really like them.

Great masks!

I really like the quality and fit. The ordering and delivery were exceptional! So happy to be shopping local too!

Great masks and amazing customer service

I can't rave enough about the masks. We have them for us and ordered them for my 4 year old for school and we keep going back for more for our family. They are amazing and very breathable , even better than the disposable masks. My 4 year old loves them as he has to wear them all day in school. Their customer service is a whole different level of amazing. They are professional, accommodating and very courteous. Thank you for being a light of hope during these difficult times.

Best mask for youth!

These are the only masks my kids (8 and 10) will wear. They need to be masked for 6 hours a day at school and these fit beautifully, and are soft and comfortable. My special needs kiddo who has sensory challenges loves these masks, and we have tried many.

Great masks

I was developing a sensitivity to disposable masks when my daughter suggested we try DreamMask. They are great even after long periods of time. Thank you 😊


Great masks! Very soft and breathable, even after multiple washes! My go to masks!

A Must....

Love the style, comfortable and very stylish! Just love this product!

My fav mask!

These masks fit great, are comfortable and actually look stylish.
Have ordered both the adult and big kid size.
Highly recommend.

Quality mask

Well-made, very soft, breathable, and comfortable. The nose wire is thick and sturdy - it's definitely the best wire of any mask I own. The ear loops are very soft and a good length. I'd love to see a bigger size (I have a somewhat larger head and would like the mask to cover more of my chin) and also more colour options for the inner layer.

Stocking stuffers

These are the perfect 2020 stocking stuffers - keeping my family safe AND stylish at once!

The most comfortable masks we own!

The quality of these masks is amazing. Excellent value! Thank you.

Great masks

Bought a couple of these masks back in spring and love them so ordered 4 more!


Great product for a great price. I now have 6 and I love them!!

Comfortable masks- thanks delivering them personally.