Our Story

We are The Dream Team, founders of Day Dreamer Accessories Inc. Two dynamic women dreaming of a more mindful, connected world. We love traveling — sharing laughs, exploring new places, making new memories, meeting new people, celebrating friendships, savouring local cuisine, and adventuring abroad. Our trips on planes, trains, and buses led us to a widely shared peeve — the dreaded head-bob when you drift off to sleep. We dreamed up our revolutionary sleep accessory, The Original Dream Strap — coming soon for weary travelers everywhere!

As we jet set to colourful destinations around the globe, we are keenly aware of our collective environmental stewardship. It is important to us that we live sustainably and make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint — to help, not to harm. How do we offset our emissions? We will give part of future sales of The Original Dream Strap to tree planting programs around the world. We fight climate change with the use of eco-friendly, recycled materials.

We manufacture and distribute The Dream Collection right here in Canada. While we eagerly await the right time to release The Original Dream Strap, we face another a challenge — and an opportunity to help. Amid a global pandemic, we have adapted our business strategy to produce The Dream Mask, a non-medical face mask that reduces single-use consumer waste.

A mission was born. One of creating innovative accessories that improve our well-being and bring peace of mind while protecting our planet. It is finally time for some good rest on our longest journeys. Be comfortable knowing that by supporting The Dream Collection, you are truly making a difference.  

Niki & Robin — The Dream Team
Day Dreamer Accessories Inc.

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