Our Dream

Imagine a world where people live together in harmony with nature. Where wellness-minded people focus on positive connections and helping others while living sustainably. A world that advocates for the needs of the people in our communities while respecting the planet.

We are Day Dreamers. 
We believe in living life beautifully — inspiring connection, adventure, wellness, and love. 

Our Goals 

  • We will be innovative leaders in the design and production of The Dream Collection — eco-friendly, mindful accessories that make life beautiful.
  • We will inspire sustainable living by using and promoting the benefits of recycled materials.
  • We will support mental health initiatives by driving community donations and contributing part of the proceeds from The Dream Mask to the Canadian Mental Health Association or the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
  • We will partner with donors to provide The Dream Mask without cost to protect the most vulnerable people in our communities.
We believe in living mindfully. We believe in being positive, staying connected to others, and to the planet. We believe that putting our words into action will make us trusted community helpers and earth-loving entrepreneurs.
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