The Original Dream Strap:
A Solo Traveler's Blog Review

Do you love counting passport stamps - and sheep? Good news! The Original Dream Strap lets you do both. 

Every traveler knows the perils of sleep deprivation. I can’t count the number of flights where I’ve tried shifting in my airplane seat and using my bag or jacket as my pillow, only to experience the horrible head bob, a cramped neck, and zero dreams. And honestly, being one of those people who has lugged around a massive sleep pillow -- it wasn’t appealing. I already have enough luggage! Which is why I was so excited to discover the ingenious Dream Strap. 

My immediate thoughts about the Original Dream Strap:

  • Compact. It comes in a neat, compact bag with a zipper to make it easy to put it away, keep the parts together and throw it in your bag. 
  • Travel-friendly Size. It's not a large device you have to lug around or squeeze to fit into your bag. 
  • Versatile and Useful. But, even more so, its thoughtful design makes it flexible for any mode of transportation and gives you the necessary support to improve your sleep while traveling. 

As a minimalist traveler who doesn't want to haul around too much, the Original Dream Strap is so convenient! 

Traveling, in general, can be an exhausting experience, from jet lag to early wake-up calls -- it can easily take a toll. As a solo female traveler, I get it. I always want to soak in my travels as much as possible, and I know firsthand the feeling of coming home from a trip completely drained. One, because I was constantly on the go, and two, because of the struggle to get quality sleep while traveling. 

Sleep really does have the power to make or break a trip and now traveling with the Dream Strap ensures I will be able to stay present through all my travel adventures. Currently, I am solo road tripping across California and the West Coast. I now have the peace of mind that if I ever get tired and want to pull over to take a nap without getting accommodation, the Dream Strap is an easy solution. 

Catching some shut-eye at a quick road stop

Also, as a female solo traveler, it makes me even happier to support two women owners, Niki Gilmour and Robin Campbell, who have the mission of lifting other women, helping the planet, and aiding in their community. Not to mention, with every purchase of a Dream Strap, there will also be one tree planted to offset our carbon footprint.

 They have not only created a useful accessory to help travelers stay rested but inspire the spirit of giving through supporting social and environmental causes.

And from now on, I will always toss The Dream Strap in my bag, just in case I need to catch some shut-eye anywhere!

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Article credit : Alexis Mills
Email: alexis@alexisbmills

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