'Convincing' evidence suggests cloth masks may help reduce COVID-19 transmission

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Like you, we are aware of numerous reports from the medical and scientific communities about how wearing face masks can help reduce the transmission of viruses if the wearer is infected. According to this developing story, there is convincing evidence indicating that cloth face masks may also protect the wearer from those around them who may be infected. Watch the video below to learn more.


Jonathan Forani, Writer | May 25, 2020

Face masks made with multiple layers of cloth may help prevent further transmission of COVID-19, according to an international team of researchers who examined a century’s worth of mask studies.

Homemade cloth masks aren’t perfect, they found, but may help provide a “modest reduction in transmission” if widely used, according to the opinion paper published in the Annals of Internal Medicine on May 22.

“At their best, cloth masks can be really quite good and are definitely worth considering under the circumstances,” said lead author Catherine Clase, associate professor of medicine at McMaster University and a nephrologist of St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton, Ontario.

Read the full report here.

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